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Meet the Team

Get to know our committee members who give their time, energy and expertise for the love of the park


Sian Ellis-Thomas


I trained as a graphic designer and have had a very varied career in business management, marketing and sales. I now run a small website design business. Together with Lesley Powell, I ran the Residents Against the Mast campaign, to avert a 72ft telecoms mast being placed in Redcatch Park.  Hurrah, we won! 

I lived in Bristol during the early 80s and returned in November '22 after 36 years living in London. I use the park every day with my husband Steve and my grumpy pug Rachel.

What I love about the park

I love the general vibe and friendliness of all the users and of course the Community Garden, which is the undisputed jewel in the crown. 

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Lesley Powell

Vice Chair

In my professional life I was a building surveyor, managing diverse health care construction projects across the UK, so there's not much about building, planning and managing projects that I don't know.  I love being outdoors and have lived locally all my life so, in retirement I really wanted to 

give something back to my community, hence volunteering for the Northern Slopes, RCG, where I'm a director, the RAM campaign and now FORP. 

What I love about the park

Since the pandemic I've been very involved with the Community Garden and it's really turned into a love affair with the whole park


Carole Hall


I’m a book-keeper, one of those black and white people who loves the challenge of numbers. My passions are animals, food, and the great outdoors. I love long walks, camping, badminton and swimming.

What I love about the park

I visit the park every day with my dogs, chatting with my friends, hoping I’m in time for coffee and cake!

teresa 2 .jpg

Teresa Henstridge


In my professional life I worked with volunteers for a section of the American Red Cross before moving to the UK. I am currently in charge of the three ring circus I call raising children, some of us with extra needs. I like to cook, read, swim and play games (board, online, console) with my partner and children.

I LOVE my little corner of the world and our community here in Knowle. I have been active in the community since joining FORP when my oldest was still toddling about. 

What I love about the park

I love the park for the playground. Even when it's raining, the kids can climb a tree or splash in puddles. It is one of our happy places. 


Ben Skingly

Committee Member

I'm a designer specialising in branding. I love the sound of rain, music, outdoors, pictures, words ideas, funny people and serious convocations. I'm also partial to things with wheels that are powered by humans. Most of all I love my little family who have stolen all my time to enjoy everything previously mentioned!

I supported the Residents Against the Mast campaign using my photographic and creative skill to help raise awareness about the campaign

What I love about the park

It’s where I can go to see the sessions, get a breather from home life, create memories with my children, enjoy the community and eat great food at the Community Garden


Pastor Matt Norris

Committee Member

I am Pastor Matthew Norris. I am the lead minister of Redcatch Community Church on Broadwalk (Formally Bristol Nazarene Church). I have lived and worked in Knowle for twelve years. I am a director of Redcatch Community Garden and a regular volunteer. I'm passionate about this

community and supported the Residents Against the Mast campaign, in fact it was a chance meeting with Sian in the park one morning that got the whole idea started.

What I love about the park

I love the park. It is a place of personal wellbeing in a sometimes busy and stressful world. The park is a beautiful place full of community and local life

CAMPBELL _edited.jpg

Campbell Hutchison

Committee Member

I am a qualified HR Professional and I work as an HR Business Partner for the South West and South Wales for part of the Tesco Group. I also practice Workplace Mediation resolving conflict in the workplace. I live in Knowle, have done for the past 11 years, consider it home and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

The park has become pretty central to mine and Bertie’s life (my dog!). We can be found on our daily walks and

What I love about the park

I often have a cider or three on a Friday night during the summer. I love RCG and have seen it grow into the incredible community space it is today. I look forward to seeing it reach its full potential


Mike Alden

Committee Member

I'm a proud Knowle Wester and have spent the last ten years building and running The Park Knowle Football Club, a family operation which relies completely on volunteers. The club provides lots of opportunity for children, adults and disabled people to get involved in sport.

Although the club is based at Knowle Park, We use the pitches at Redcatch Park whenever we can. We’re pleased to work with FORP to improve the park for football and fitness in the community

What I love about the park

The park and the Community Garden are  brilliant places for the community to come together. 


Claudia Collins

Committee Member

I live in Knowle West. I previously worked for the Filwood Fantastic project and now work for Knowle West Alliance as Community Communications Facilitator. I volunteer at the RCG and it was me in the Marshall from Paw Patrol costume at the Residents Against The Mast campaign's Bark in the Park event (but don't tell the kids). 

I run a social enterprise called Brislexic, which celebrates neurodiverse thinking skills and makes creative products. 

What I love about the park

I love that Redcatch Park brings people together from many 'areawls' of Bristol. 

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