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Become a Friend 

We need funds to help the park and the friends group survive and thrive. Your subscription of £20 per household, per year will directly contribute to the success of the friends group and ultimately the park

What's the money for?

We are a totally not for profit organisation. All committee members of FORP give their time and expertise for free, but there are out of pocket costs for the organisation. Whilst we will apply for any relevant grants available, those funds are not guaranteed and often take much time to apply for and even when successful, funds are often slow to materialise. A small annual donation from park users like you, can ensure that we have money to pay for the annual and incidental expenses involved in running a park group including website hosting, meeting costs and stationery, as well as being able to fund small ad-hoc initiatives, like printing posters, buying seeds, bulbs or necessary tools for maintenance projects. With the massive parks budget cuts coming down the line from BCC, your contribution is more important than ever. If you love your park then please consider becoming a Friend.

         £20 per household equates to less than a penny a day!