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Redcatch Clothing Exchange

This is our bi-monthly fundraising event, in partnership with the YMCA Knowle, which helps to keep some funds coming in so that we can keep things ticking over. With the cuts in the Bristol Parks budget we need this more than ever.


What is it?

A clothing exchange is a place where you bring clothing that you no longer want or need and swop them for something that you do. In these days of fast fashion with tonnes ending up in landfill, we're joining the fashion revolution and asking people to swop not shop for a good cause.


How does it work?

You bring 5 items, good quality and clean of course. You're given 5 tokens and then you go and search our stock for something that you want. You can choose one item for every token you have. You take your items to our checker who'll take your tokens in exchange and that's it.


What can I swop?

Any women's clothes, shoes or bags are welcome, but they must be in good condition and quality. Think; nearly new, new unworn and quality vintage. It's not a jumble sale. There'll be an eagle-eyed checker on the door to reject low quality or damaged items. No bobbly jumpers!


Is there a charge?

There is no charge for any of the items, but we charge an entry to the event to cover our costs and to help raise funds for Friends Of Redcatch Park, which will help with their efforts to keep the park up to scratch for everyone. Council cutbacks mean it's more important than ever.


Want to get involved? Get in touch below. We can't wait to meet you!


This initiative is in proud partnership with Knowle YMCA

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