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History of FORP

No park can survive without a friends group to help care and maintain it. Here's a little about the illustrious history of the Friends of Redcatch Park and the people who pulled it all together

The Power of  Friends

FORP celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2022. It was set up by Counsellor Chris Davies and some local residents in 2002 to help tackle anti-social behaviour in the park and turn it into a place where the community were happy to visit as opposed to avoiding. Their initiatives and hard work resulted in many positive improvements that has seen it recognised time and again for its achievements. The start and success of the amazing Redcatch Community Garden has helped cement its position as a park that punches well over its weight.


Here are some of the key achievements by FORP that have contributed to making Redcatch Park the wonderful, inclusive green space that it is today:


  • Community Exercise Equipment

  • Table Tennis Table

  • More Children's Play Equipment

  • Fencing to Create Dog-Free Children's Play Area

  • Log Seating

  • Play markings on central Circle

  • Refurbishment of Free Tennis Courts

  • Information Boards

  • 1/2 Mile Walking Track

  • Willow Bed

  • Native British Hedgerows in front of Tennis Courts

  • Spring Bulb Planting

  • Flowerbeds Installation & maintenance

  • 21  Benches Installed

  • 10 Bird Boxes

  • 90 New Trees

  • Litter & Dog Pooh Bins

  • Car Park Refurbishment

  • New Entrance Gate on Redcatch Road

  • Art Works & Carvings

  • Totem Pole

  • Toilet Refurbishment

  • Bristol in Bloom - Neighbourhood Award 2011 - 2017

  • Bristol in Bloom - Pennant Award 2015, 2017, 2019

  • Green Flag Award 2012 - 2015

We would like to acknowledge and thank the following people for their hard work for the Friends of Redcatch Park and without whose dedication, the park would not be the special place we enjoy today: 

Councillor Chris Davies, Susan Davies, Peggy Jennings, John Scott, Fliss Barton, Gordon & Sheila Egan, Keith & Theresa Beeley, Marian Dinham, Gloria Colston, Les Bowen, Angela & Dennis Stuckey, Gloria Colston, Vi Showering, Dave Wherret​​, Councillor Gary Hopkins.

There were many other volunteers not mentioned here, who helped along the way and to whom we are also grateful. We have much work to do, to take the park forward from here, but we are fortunate to be able to build on the major, outstanding achievements of the FORP Alumni. 


Get in touch if you'd like to help us carry on the FORP tradition of great work for the park.

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