There were allotments over much of the area, seen in the pictures below as extending as far as Stoneleigh Road, and before this open fields.  The pathway from Redcatch Road to Broad Walk is seen on maps as early as 1888.  There was a Redcatch Farm approximately at the junction of Sylvia Avenue and Ravenshill.  The picture from ' Flickr' below shows a pig farm on Redcatch Road, but its exact position is unknown.

During WW11 air-raid shelters were built in the park.  Redcatch Community Centre nows stands on the foundations of one shelter. From rubble unearthed during recent tree planting, it is thought that another shelter stood to the right hand side of the central path just inside the gate from Redcatch Road.  Much rubble  came to light when planting alongside the hedges here as well, but it could possibly be bomb damage that was cleared from the ajoining streets. We know  45  Norton Road was badly damaged and photos exist of the extent of the rubble which filled the roads.

Someone remembers people dancing in the park during the war. If anyone has any more info please let us know -we are also searching for photos.  


Our thanks to James Stafford Little for his research and  discovery of the following pictures and maps.


 "Looking down Redcatch Lane showing the construction of the remainder of the facade of the Houses of Charity and also St Elizabeth's Home and St Vincent's Lodge on the right, which is now St Peter's Lodge, Tennis Road. Redcatch Park has since replaced the allotments on the left."

St Elizabeths Convent, Redcatch Road, Knowle
Small but rare aerial view of Redcatch Park  after first housing built before Stoneleigh Road and Cres built and the creation of the park


Map of Knowle 1933
map of Knowle Park 1935 new garden suburb

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