2018  With a new committee under the excellent chairmanship of Alex Lingham new events and activities are on line for the future.  With most of the original 'wish list' of improvements completed or inline to be completed this year there may be few posts to this page.  Watch our Facebook for the latest news .


2017 FUNDING RELEASED! Against all expectations the money was released and we are going to see the refurb of our car park - hopefully before the end of the year.  We are also going to benefit from the generosity of a local resident who is helping with funding of a small entrance from Redcatch Rd as requested by users - and Parks will complete the works with hedge removal and short path.  Just been told also that Parks are going to instal two new flowerbeds as people love the park but have asked for more colour.  A new policy of swathes of natural planting in parks will mean we also see this at Redcatch next year.  So everything on track for continued improvements and enhancement.  


BRISTOL CITY COUNCIL SPENDING FREEZE means the money from the sale of land for housing at Salcombe Rec which was earmarked for parks improvements across the city and in particular for those in Knowle and Windmill Hill has been taken to balance the budget.  The new car park and entrance no longer has funding.  There is a possibility that we can find funding for the top Redcatch Road new entrance from a benefactor and we are seeking other funding for the last mural on the toilet block as the Wellbeing Fund has also been closed and we lost the agreed funding for this.  Steve  Griffin has stepped forward and offered to dig and plant a flowerbed in place of the one planned as part of the entrance refurb and will use it to show some of the plants on sale in the Community Fruit Farm - a new project formed by 3 local people to use the bowling green.  Full details soon as they are currently in planning and contract stage. Very exciting and will also include a tea provision using one of the containers. The future of parks is uncertain as far as regular staff and funding is concerned.  Sadly we are losing Fliss as our dedicated Parkie. We hope to see her as part of the mobile team dealing with parks and open spaces in south Bristol. Parks have assured us we should see no changes to the maintenance of Redcatch even under to Cost Neutral budget proposals. 


PLANS BELOW - ALMOST COMPLETED! Just waiting for final acceptance of funding application (should be a formality) so we can start the new entrance and car park  plans and moving of the flowerbed. Also new pinch gate and path with removal of part of the boundary hedge where infected - and  installation of the Spinner play piece next to the gym equipment.    The new mural will be painted as part of Art in the Park event on 11 Sept and the new bench will be carved over the preceding weekend. Interpretation board was installed and underplanting of hedge and installation of totem pole  was completed some months ago.


Changes proposed to improve main entrance and to enlarge the car park - possible pinch gate to be installed in NW corner, improvements to Redcatch Rd entrance to be investigated, carved tree trunk bench to be installed, new mural to pavilion wall, underplanting with flowering border along Jubilee Hedge, interpretation board to be installed funded by South Bristol Skyline Walk, short path to Stoneleigh Rd lane, possible drainage to area prone to flooding , totem pole to be installed (carved and funded by Entertaining Local Knowle as part of Arts in the Park). Investigations into funding for additional play equipmet for older ages and removal of dying privet hedge along Redcatch to be replaced with fencing and new native hedgerow when funding available. 

Completed 2015

2 pieces of outdoor gym equipment to be installed near the shelter plus a picnic table outside the pavilion so adults can enjoy a cuppa but still supervise the children in the play area. Another bench is to be fitted at the bottom of the gravel path as requested by less able walkers who a little rest now and then! 

8 fruit trees planted by Knowle Park School pupils.  20 trees planted at community planting day. 2 pieces of gym equipment funded by Lloyds Bank,new picnic table near pavilion, additional bench at lower end of gravel path, wildflower meadow at bottom of the park planted at community planting day, funded by FORP.  Annual Fun Day very successful - new team needed to run this in 2016. 

 Completed 2014 

 Annual Wildflower seeding and Free Fun Day - both completed with great success once again. 

 3 New benches to fill existing empty plinths - from a generous donation from Bristol South Croquet Club, which are sadly ending in October, it seems possible that we will be able to finally complete our long term plan to replace all the missing seats in the park. Thank you croquet club! 

 6 Antique iron bench ends funded by FORP have been refurbished by FORP and fitted with wood and installed by  Quadron  to provide 2 long benches  facing tennis courts.

 Picnic Benches for play area  - funded by BCC Clean and Green - are now in situ and constantly in use. 

 Additional bulb planting along northern edge of gravel path. Funded through Clean and Green with  Community Pay Back team. 



Replanting of hedge to croquet ground to replace dead bushes - Funded by BCC clean and green. 

Clearing scrub and undergrowth outside tennis courts and replanting with wildlife attractive shrubs to increase safety by opening the view into the park, to prevent damage and leaf mould to tennis courts, and to increase biodiversity.

Raised Herb gardens  alongside Yew hedge through a partnership bewteen FORP, Quadron, BCC Parks, City of Bristol College, Keys Projects, The Catch Youth Club , and corporate volunteers.  

Refurbishment of children's playground.  Funding secured from S106 money from Cotswold Homes development in Redcatch Road and BCC Capital Fund.

Gravel Path  for measured walk around football pitches, funded by successful bid to Bristol City Council Capital Fund

New benches  funded by FORP. 

Reseeding of wild flower beds - funded by FORP.

Refurbishment of toilet block - successful bid for funding from Bristol City Council Capital Fund.

Painting of Play Markings in central circle - hopscotch, racing track, maze etc - funded by FORP . 

Planting of new privet plants to fill damaged areas of hedging along Redcatch Road - Clean and Green funding BCC. 


 Flag pole erected with Green Flag banner

Removal of old Leylandii and replacement with native hedgerow alongside Tennis Courts. Hedgerow plants received from Woodland Trust as part of nationwide planting of trees and hedgerows to commemorate the Queens Diamond Jubilee 2012.

Painting of mural on entrance wall of pavilion working with Key Projects with Youth Moves funding for intergenerational work. 

Rebuilding of Tennis Courts - SITA funding secured by Keys Project- youth club The Catch.



More seats and benches - three refurbished and now in place - more to be installed when possible.

More bird and bat boxes.

Resurfacing of all paths.

Outdoor gym equipment.

Interpretation panel for tree species, wild seed beds, etc

Removal of toilet block and replacement of pavilion with purpose built changing rooms, toilets, meeting room and cafe. 














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